London International Arts Festival 2013

The London International Arts Festival (LIAF) is getting ready to celebrate its second year after announcing its line-up for 2013!

Not only will an exciting array of World Music and South Indian musicians be taking part, but the event will also be hosted by World Music and Radio Presenters DJ Ritu and Ashanti Omkar!

The Festival which takes place from November 2nd-10th at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green and the Kenneth More Theatre (KMT), Ilford will feature international, national, regional and local performers in genres including world, jazz, classical, folk and contemporary offering live music and a range of diverse musical workshops.

Organised by Dhruv Arts and curated by the Indian violinist, composer Jyotsna Srikanth, the festival aims to promote the traditional arts of South Asian music, dance, storytelling and visuals. Dhruv Arts is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation curating music concerts and arts festivals.

Why not come and take a look at the range of events and concerts on offer? From Indian Bharatanayam Dance to British Asian contemporary beats to fusion Greek folk music to Polish Music Bands, to vocalists and musicians from the South Indian Carnatic genre the options are endless. You can even get involved in the wide variety of workshops.

Both the music and the audiences are a celebration of Britain’s diversity by bringing people together in a positive cultural space.

Go to our Kenneth More Blog post to see the event line up at our local theatre!
Check out the Dhruv Arts webpage for more information on the organisation, Or go to the LIAF webpage to see events taking place in Bethnal Green.

Post Author:  Emily Polling

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