Us Girls Friday Circuits

We’ve got that Friday feeling and after a busy week, it’s definitely time to wind down! What better way to blow off some steam and get ready for the weekend than taking part in an energising circuits class?

Ladies if you’ve been sitting cramped in an office all day then get yourselves moving this evening with Us Girls Circuits. Here at the Do More Office we just found out that sitting all day can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and even death! We had the fear of sitting put into us by the Vision Sports team, and now we’re frantically trying to keep up with their hourly squats and move a bit more often. It was even suggested that we get a treadmill fixed to our desk…

An exercise class could be the perfect solution to your atrophying muscles, and keep you fit and healthy. Pop down tonight to Vine Church Hall, Ilford for the Us Girls Circuits Session. The class takes place between 5.45 pm – 6.45 pm, costing just £2 per person.

For the latest up to date Us Girls information visit the Redbridge i or follow them on Twitter at @usgirlsred.

Post Author: Emily Polling

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