Woodland Management

All over the world our landscapes are being built upon and developed into vast urban areas. This worrying trend can be seen stretching right across Britain as we lose more and more of our beautiful green spaces each year.  Even if you haven’t noticed it yet,  in a few years’ time you definitely will. If we continue to cut into our countryside without putting anything back soon there will be no more country parks, no more gardens, no more fields, no more green.

Aristotle once rightly said ‘in all things of nature there is something of the marvellous’so let’s take note from these words and help protect our rural areas and keep the magic of nature alive.  An action as simple as planting a tree for every one that gets cut down could help keep our world green.

We need you to help us in our mission to protect our environmental spaces! Join the rangers and lend them a hand on Tuesday 1st October as they aim to thin and restore more open areas within the secondary woodland, create maiden pollards and widen some of the main woodland rides.

Even the smallest of actions has a big impact; if everyone helps to look after their local areas then maybe we won’t lose our countryside after all. Let’s keep Redbridge the ‘Leafy Borough!’

This event is free and open to adults; it will take place at Hainault Forest Country Park between 10 am – 2.30 pm.

Joining instructions: meet at the second car park, IG7 4QN

Enquiries: 020 8559 2316

Post Author –  Emily Polling

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